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A Fidesz-KDNP európai parlamenti képviselőcsoportja elkötelezett az olyan átfogó rendelkezések mellett, melyek Európa-szerte hatékonyan támogatják a nemek közötti esélyegyenlőség előmozdítását. Therefore, to my great regret, I cannot be with you in Acerra today.

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Despite the geographical distance which divides us at the moment, we are united in our spirit to commemorate with one heart the victims of the Holocaust, this indescribable and shameful tragedy, which claimed millions of innocent lives several decades ago. When we stand speechless in front of the sufferings inflicted acerra home work our Jewish compatriotes, we have to remember those who risked their very own lives in order to save as many Jewish people as they possibly could.

Monsignor Gennaro Verolino was one of these people.

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The Acerra-born Verolino got to Hungary at the age of 36 and as secretary in the apostolic nunciature of Budapest he fought relentlessly to save the lives of Hungarian Jews by providing shelter and diplomatic documents. Numerous thousands of lives were saved by special certificates which could be used as passports by persecuted Jewish families, who, in this way escaped the Fascist power.

In his life-saving work to protect Jews from internment and deportation, Monsignor Gennaro Verolino cooperated closely with Per Anger Swedish diplomat.

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In Nazareth there is a school run by Franciscan friars where the little students wrote a letter of thanks to Monsignor Gennaro, who donated to them the entire sum of money from the prize awarded to him by the Swedish government. It was olymp üzleti bináris lehetőségek the only prize awarded to Verolino.

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And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world. Monsignor Verolino saved not one life but thousands.

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Members of my very own family are among these thousands. Let us bow our heads in front of the great sacrifice taken by Gennaro Verolino.

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He forgot about his very own life and was ready to risk it so that others can continue to live. He showed all of us an example.

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Whoever it was. They asked acerra home work that protection, and the protection was given. Amennyiben szeretne értesítőt kapni ezekről a hírekről, kérjük az alábbi mezőket kitöltve iratkozzon fel hírlevelünkre.