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Our fully refurbished apartment is right above the pub, so the standard time from bed to beer is 12 seconds. A little bit slower the other way around...
The apartment consists of three bedrooms (Lilac, Green, Orange), a living-room with an American kitchen, and a fully equipped bathroom (with a shower and toilet). Besides, there is a separate toilet and a separate shower available.
The apartment is ideal for groups of 8 to 10 persons (possible to be extended up to 13 using convertible beds); however, as each room can be accessed and locked separately, it is also possible to rent out rooms separately.
Price of the entire apartment: EUR 190 /day..
Our smallest room is the Lilac Room, a really cosy recess with a comfortable double bed (1-2 persons). The price of the room is EUR 39 /day.
Our largest room is the Green Room, with a single bed, a bunk bed (double at the bottom), a convertible sofa, a TV set, and a large window looking to Gellérthegy Street (4+2 persons). The price of the room is EUR 89 /day.
Our Orange Room is next to the Green Room and can be opened together to form a larger space.
Here there are two bunk beds - very comfortable, though - and a convertible sofa. A benefit is that it is directly beside the bathroom, and has a marvellous view to the church at Krisztina Square (4+1 persons). The price of the room is EUR 79 /day.
The living-room and kitchen is an attractive room for common use with a computer free to use (Internet), a fridge, a microwave, a washing machine, means for ironing, and tea free of charge (Instead of beer? Hey!). Besides, the entire apartment is a Hot Spot, meaning that Wi-Fi Internet can be used in each room.
The rooms can be occupied on arrival after 14.00; on leaving, please return the keys to the Pub by 11.00.
If you feel like it, please jot down your remarks - your pleasures and regrets - in our Internet Guest Book for our and others' edification.

+3630 964 9155 || +3630 982 9695 || info@bedandbeers.hu